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  • To hear and respect

To be attentive and respectful for other people in order to develop healthy relationships with our colleagues, suppliers and business partners.

  • Solidarity and team spirit

To encourage and act in the direction of permanent sharing of knowhow.

To know how to take advantage of the achievements.

To encourage the involvement and mutual support among its employees / collaborators, teams, departments and subsidiaries.

  • Integrity and transparency

Strong sense of professional ethics lined with high transparency in all management decisions.

Treating with caution the most sensitive information in accordance with the rules of confidentiality.

Always use the “feedback” in a constructive logic of continuous improvement: anchoring the good practices or identify areas of improvement.

  • Initiative and perseverance

Go further than planned actions to imagine other solutions for the problems and to anticipate them in order to deal with them with best efficiency.

To have the tenacity to complete projects and overcome the obstacles that arise.

  • Courage and Commitment for Performance

To ensure and meet the assumed commitments.

To engage itself for involvement in order to better meet the challenges of the company.

To have the courage of its own opinions.