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Mediterranean Float Glass, a subsidiary of CEVITAl group, is one of the largest industries of flat glass production in Africa.

Thanks to the quality of its products, MFG exports 70% of its production mainly to Western Europe via its two platforms, located in Torino ( Italy) and in Valencia (Spain). But also to Tunisia and other African countries. Note that 30% of its production is largely sufficient to meet the needs of the domestic market.

MFG choose an integrated QHSE management system and is certified under three references; ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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As part of its development and to expand its product range in order to meet the customer expectations, MFG opened in December 2009, a production line for laminated glass in PLF format and of which 90% is destined for export.

Always in the same niche of semi-industrial products, MFG also launched in September 2011 a production line of coated glass  in solar control and in low-e, equipped with the latest technology.

Regarding the second development niche, MFG began in early October 2010, the converting of glass products to meet the needs of the Algerian market in insulating double glazing destined for the windows and the façades of the buildings.

To summarize;

Mediterranean Float Glass has:

  • a Plant for production of Clear Glass.
  • a plant for production of laminated glass.
  • a plant for production of Soft-coated glass.
  • a plant for the converting of flat glass  which supplies only the Algerian market.