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Clear Float Glass


 The clear glass of MFG is manufactured through the “Float” process. This process allows to produce a Glass with perfectly flat and parallel surfaces.

In fact, the term “float” refers at the same time to the latest technology to produce flat glass with a certain level of quality. In this process, the melting glass is poured on a layer of tin, and then cooled when the physical features and the size of the obtained glass are sufficiently stabilized.

MFG is now a major player in the international market. The Clear glass produced by MFG is CE marked and complies with the EN 572-9 and EN 410 standards in force in Europe.

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Nowadays, the technology “Float” is used for the production of flat glass in different applications:

  • Building and architecture
  • Automotive sector
  • Glazing
  • Mirrors production
  • MFG glasses can be used in the most types of façades:
  • traditional Façade (window)
  • beaded exterior glazing
  • Curtain wall (external glued glazing)
  • Façade (External Stapled Glazing)



  • High light transmittance: good natural lighting of the interior spaces.
  • Large possibilities of architectural design, used in single or double-glazing.
  • The spectrophotometric performances of MFG glasses are given in single glazing, for all thicknesses.