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Laminated glass «  Medilam »


The laminated glass Medilam is made with MFG clear glass panes, CE marked and compliant with EN 572-9 and EN 410 standards in force in Europe, bonded together by an interlayer of PVB (Poly Vinyl butyral).

The Medilam, a finished and CE marked product, complies with the EN 12543 standard. It is certified by external renowned European laboratories and is in addition submitted to all the tests imposed by the above standard in the laboratory of MFG.

The Medilam withstands impact: during an impact with an object, the glass cracks, the fracture is located at the point of impact without affecting visibility.

The interlayer of PVB holds the glass pieces in place, which reduces the risk of cuts from flying glass. It maintains also the glass pane tightness. In addition, the residual energy of the object is absorbed by this interlayer during the impact; thus the glazing prevents the entry of the object if the impact is not disproportionate



The Medilam protects you:

  •  Against injury
  • Against the fall of persons
  • Against falling objects
  • Against the vandalism and burglary
  • Against Ultra-violet rays (UV)


In addition, the PVB film can be a very important decorative element, either by being himself colorful or by incorporating various materials having decorative effect or of a functional type.

It is also used as an acoustic element in “asymmetric” double glazing assembly. In this case, a PVB treated specifically is used, and this treatment doubles its damping capabilities, and therefore improves the acoustic performances of the laminated glass.