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Soft-Coated Glass


The coated glasses are industrial glass products on which are sprayed metallic industrial oxides in the form of thin layers (0.01μm to 0.8 μm).

This technique is known under the acronym PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition); the deposition of the layer (coating) at low temperature (after production of the glass) produces layers called “soft layers”.

The optical performances in terms of emissivity of the “soft” layers are better than those of “hard” layers (the deposition of the layer is made “in line” at high temperature).

For example, the emissivity of hard layers is about 0.2 while that of soft layers may approach 0.04.

The soft-coated glasses should be used only for double or triple sealed glazing units, and the coated surface must be located in the interior of the cavity (2 or 3 for a double-glazing)


Optical functions

The coating (layer) changes the optical behavior of the glass, in the visible and in the infrared. In the architectural field, we must take into account the energy distribution (or spectral) of the solar energy arriving on earth.

The power of solar radiation on earth is made up of 43% of infrared radiation, 3% of ultraviolet radiation and the remaining 54% being the visible light.


An important application is brought by a modification of behavior vis-à-vis solar radiation by controlling on the one hand the solar energy transmitted and on the other hand the brightness, obtaining therefore a saving of air conditioning (in summer) or heating (in winter).



The thermal performance of a double glazing incorporating a soft-coated glass is much

greater than that of a conventional double glazing (Ug coefficient can reach 1.1W / (K.m ²) against 3W / (K.m²) for a conventional double-glazing).


The benefits of such thermal insulation are various;

1. Significant reduction in heating costs (electricity, gas, oil, wood).

2. Improved comfort :

  • Almost elimination of the cold zone near the glass walls;
  • Maximum use of space;
  • Reduced risk of condensation on the internal glass pane;
  • Protection of the environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (CO2), linked to decrease in consumption of heating.
  • A high level of light transmittance.
  • A low level of energy transmittance (low solar factor);
  • A neutral appearance in reflection and transmittance.


The MFG coated glass is available in the foollowing range of products :

Glass with low emissivity « Medistar S » and “Medistar+S”

Reflective Glass  « Medireflect »

After tempering, Reflective Glass “Medireflect” becomes Self-cleaning Glass « Mediclean »