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The glass is a unique material. It brings light and comfort in the house. It’s becoming essential for the new construction or renovation.

MFG gives to the glass, thermal, acoustic and aesthetic functions and safety.




Comfort and energy control

• Protect yourself from the cold (strengthened thermal insulation) with the coated glass ” Medistar-S  ” and ” Mediclim ” and from the heat (solar control) with the glasses “Mediflect”, or even both.

• Protect yourself from the noise, leaving out all the noise pollution that affect our quality of life, with acoustic insulation glazing ”  Medilam  ” or in ” Double-glazing  “.

• Reduce the drudgery of cleaning windows thanks to self-cleaning glass MFG “Mediclean.”



Ensure your safety and that of your family and your property thanks to the various products in the « Medilam » range







Fit out your quality of life and give free rein to your imagination through a wide variety of designs, drawings, … etc.

Letting the light enter through the transparent glass « Clear Float Glass ».