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Beyond a close relationship, our distribution network ensures synergy of the teams to ensure the quality of responses, the monitoring of supplies and the regularity of fabrications. Find from now your distributor Mediterranean Float Glass …


MFG Algeria

Located in Arbaa – 30 km from Algiers – MFG has an industrial glass that extends over an area of 30 ha.

The distribution circuit MFG Algeria is defined as follows:

o Direct sales: for transformers (Mirrors, facade, double glazing and Aluminum construction company);

o Indirect sales: for wholesalers who are organized into two groups (the first group occupies central and southern regions and the second group of the eastern and western regions).


MFG Europe – European Glass Distribution

MFG Europe, MFG Spa subsidiary, is a european independent markets and distributes flat glass, laminated layer  manufactured in Algeria, according to European standards (CE, UNI, ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001) independent processors Europeans.

Since February 2008, MFG Europe was able to penetrate more markets through the quality of its products and services. Today, MFG Europe distributes its products from its two logistics platforms in Italy (Turin) and Spain (Valencia) in several countries (France, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, … etc.)..


MFG Maghreb

MFG has a liaison office in Tunisia and it sent its fleet of trucks to serve the Tunisian market including flat glass, laminated glass layer.