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HR Policy



MFG is a citizen corporate, dynamic and innovative, which owes its success to its employees, who work for a single purpose: customer satisfaction.

MFG is founded on strong values and distinctive, and makes use of modern management methods and participatory: everyone has the opportunity to show initiative and be fully realized.

MFG gives his team a pleasant work environment and a highly competitive compensation package.

What is the strength of MFG, is his willingness to bet on the one hand, extensively tested on people, and secondly, on young graduates who offers the training and support they need to develop professional.

Moreover, MFG provides a work environment pleasant and conducive to the development of everyone in the company.

For what is career opportunities, MFG advocates transparency and the promotion of its employees by providing the opportunity for each employee to apply for the position as desired qualifications.

In addition, MFG constantly analyzes the well-being of its employees by deploying significant resources to offer a pleasant working environment to them such as transport, canteen, infirmary, etc..

MFG join the team, is to integrate a company that develops a sense of belonging to a brand, or even a family. The environment of an employee is an environment where the work is done in a spirit of cooperation, ambition and teamwork.